Es D'Aqui

Location: Languedoc, France
Founded by Jean-Louis Pinto in 2011

Jean-Louis Pinto is a wine merchant from Languedoc, in the South of France. This area used to be an important wine-making region until the beginning of the 20th century, when mildew decimated vineyards. Nowadays, only smaller domains remain. Jean-Louis buys grapes from organic local producers and transforms them into natural wines. He knows each and every one of the winemakers he buys from, they’re often close friends, working in biodynamic agriculture, with no additives, no sulfites. He visits the vines regularly, to him, “It’s important to touch the grapes, to know them before harvesting.” 

Jean-Louis is a fan of whole stemmed, he uses a vertical press for a smooth pressing process and a variety of vats for maceration (inox, fiberglass, terra cotta) 

Native from Languedoc, Jean-Louis likes its unique soils made of schists, basalt, rocks and clay. You can taste this mineral ground in the wines, light, drinkable, fresh, and minty. He also recently purchased a small parcel to make it his own. This intimate relationship between the soil and the wines is anchored in the domain’s name, “Es D’Aqui” (meaning “it’s from here”) and on the bottle's labels, each of them showing a map indicating where the grapes are from. 

Jean-Louis Pinto: “I’m from the South, I’m looking to make refreshing wines.” 

Jean-Louis Pinto. Credits: Beattie & Roberts

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