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Our Story

What great idea doesn’t start over a couple of beers? We originally wanted to open our own brewery and, in the name of product research, began travelling to taste what other breweries were producing.


Our travels took us south of the border, east to Quebec and across the Atlantic Ocean, and as we tasted our way through brewery after brewery, we realized that there was already an incredible array of exceptional beer out there to be shared.  As so often happens, one idea led to another, and we decided that the brewery could wait.


While the craft beverage scene was exploding with both quality and selection expanding rapidly, many of our top choices were not available where we lived. The desire to have access to these beers and to be able to share them with friends was the driving force that instigated the birth of UnTapped (like the untapped wonders we wanted to bring home).


From our modest start in 2013, a thriving business has emerged, and we can proudly say that we are providing discerning customers across Western Canada and the Territories with some of the best and rarest craft beverages available. As fans first, our quest to expand our palates and offerings with the most exciting options will never cease, and our desire to share our findings with an ever-growing network of other enthusiasts is endless.


We built this network by doing what we do best: tracking down the top independent suppliers and getting to know the people behind the creations. We are very proud of, and grateful for, the relationships we have built over the years; our suppliers, and many of our customers, have become great friends.


At UnTapped Craft Supply, we stand behind every can,  bottle, and keg that we distribute. (We also drink them, because they’re delicious.)


Cris + Ben

Founders of UnTapped Craft Supply

James Phelan, Director of Sales
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