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Sylvain Bock

Location: Ardèche, France

Founded by Sylvain Bock in 2010

From curator Siôn Iorwerth:


"Introducing Sylvain Bock...

We first encountered the wines of Sylvain Bock at Freedman's in Los Angeles. What was supposed to be a wholesome and chill dinner at the tail end of our indulgent trip ended up with us ordering a magnum of Sylvain's 'Raffut': a Syrah from the Ardèche. As we all quietly sipped the purple liquid and the wine began to unfold, our heads collectively came to the same question: how could this be so refreshing?! This moment solidified our love of and desire to seek out wines from this special place, often described as “the north of the south of France.” 

The Ardèche is nestled in the middle of the Rhône Valley, a place famously known for its massive Syrahs and full-bodied whites. The Ardèche seems like an oasis within the Rhône: there is a palpable energy and wildness to the wines that come from there, that contrasts with the big wines the rest of the region is known for. Is it the yeast? The volcanic soil? Perhaps the winemakers? Or the youth of the region as a natural wine haven? Whatever it is, WE WANT MORE!!! 

Sylvain Bock. Credits: Sam Youkilis

Since 2010, Sylvain Bock has been organically farming multiple little plots in the Ardèche between the towns of Alba-la-Romaine, which he calls home, and Valvignères. The sites offer up limestone from the past seas and basalt from long-forgotten volcanic activity - evidence of a place where the land once met the sea. Sylvain only harvests fruit from the vines in the early mornings to preserve acidity and vibrancy. He works without any sulfur, preferring to use fiberglass and stainless steel with the occasional exception of old barrels for longer élevage. In his own words: “I want to make wines full of freshness, finesse, fruit, and gluttony.” 

After tasting with Sylvain at Les Anonymes we set about arranging this first shipment. Having had a good rest post voyage, we are pleased to be offering eight cuvées, including Sylvain’s first-ever macerated white, 'Ella m'a Serré.' We also have the 2019 vintage of 'Raffut' and magnums of the 2018 vintage, the good purple juice that first turned our heads!"

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