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Sébastien Morin

Location: Beaujolais, France

Founded in 2015 by Sébastien Morin

From curator Siôn Iorwerth:

"I first encountered Sébastien Morin’s wines in London, courtesy of his UK importer Beattie & Roberts. It was a bottle of ‘Arcane’ that caught my attention. Whilst seemingly light on its feet, it was a Gamay of real depth and savouriness. I began talking with Sébastien during the summer of 2020 and we’re now pleased to offer our first shipment of wines, all from that vintage apart from the sparkling ‘L'Entremetteuse’18,’ which has been resting on lees for two years prior to disgorgement.  

Sébastien is the fourth producer we’re working with from the south of Beaujolais. He is next-door neighbor with Romain des Grottes, another of the producers we work with in Saint Etienne des Oullieres, where he farms 1.5 hectares of Gamay: old vines planted mostly on deep granite soils overlooking the beautiful valley. Sébastien was fortunate enough to cut his teeth as a winemaker alongside the legendary Jura vigneron Jean-Marc Brignot, who now resides on Japan’s Sado Island. One can see his influence in Sébastien’s approach to vinification: the grapes are mostly destemmed, the macerations are rather long, lasting around three months, and the manual press is painstakingly slow in classic Jean-Marc fashion, lasting most of the day. All racking is done via gravity and the wines are bottled with zero additions.

Jake Turner - Sébastien Moring_edited.jpg

Sébastien Morin. Credits: Jake Turner

These longer macerations result in Gamays that are definitely deeper and earthier than the wines from his immediate neighbors, but the results are incredibly satiating!  

It also turns out that Justine Saint-Lô (François’s sister and illustrator of his labels), used to babysit Sébastien’s child whilst he was living in Lyon. The connections within this community continue to astonish me. 

We’ve imported 4 different cuvées, all of which are 100% Gamay."

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