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Location: California, USA

Founded in 2019 by Dan Marioni

From curator Siôn Iorwerth:

"We first met Dan Marioni back in 2018, while he was working at Ruby Wines in San Francisco. This is one of the best natural wine shops and bars on the west coast and it’s always the first port of call when we arrive in town. It was a chance encounter however, as we learned that Dan was only briefly back at the shop: he was now working at Coturri Winery in Sonoma. In 2016, he went to help Tony Coturri out with the harvest, and never really left. He began assisting Tony Coturri’s son, Nic, with the Sonoma Mtn Winery project soon after.

A part of the Marioni team.

Let us put the importance of Tony Coturri’s influence in context: he is widely considered the godfather of natural wine in California. He is a third-generation winemaker after his father, Harry “Red” Coturri, and his Italian grandfather from Emilia-Romagna. The Coturris have been making dry-farmed zero zero wines in the hills of Sonoma since the 1960s, with grapes grown organically on their property in Glen Ellen. In 2019, Dan took over the winemaking responsibilities from Nic Coturri and began his own label, D. Marioni wines. He continues to prioritize the simple philosophy of “farming first - just grapes.” And his winemaking philosophy follows the “Coturri Way,” with nothing added and nothing is taken away. 

In his own words: “Our approach to farming follows the tenet that more in the vineyard equals less in the cellar. Our mission is to prove that hand-farmed, intentional, and sustainable farming practices lead to the highest quality wines. All our practices are organic, and we are always striving to minimize sulfur applications and irrigation while keeping the vines alive and happy in their space. We want to build diverse vineyard space in Sonoma, free of chemicals and pesticides. You could say that we’re revitalizing old vineyards, soil, and microbiology one vineyard at a time.” 
It’s always fun tasting with Dan at the Brumaire festival in Oakland - the wines are playful and refreshing but possess that generous sun-kissed Californian richness. You find yourself walking away from the table with a full glass of something big, heady, and delicious. 

We’re excited to offer you seven different cuvées from three different vintages, spanning from 2018 to 2020. No fining, no filtering, no added SO2. These are authentically ripe Californian wines - fitting the profile of “Big Reds” that aren’t easy to find in the natural wine realm. These are wines that stain your mouth purple, and we love them for that!"
All the labels are original black ink linocut prints carved by Dan and designed by Jessie Coccia

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