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Domaine des Grottes

Location: Beaujolais, France

Founded in 2001 by Romain des Grottes

From curator Siôn Iorwerth:


"The Domaine des Grottes is located in the village of St Etienne des Ouillieres, south of Brouilly. The vineyards cover an area of about 7.5 hectares, all certified by Demeter since 2007, are in the heart of the Beaujolais-Villages appellation but the wines are downgraded to Vin de France. 

The vines are treated as little as possible (Romain des Grottes does not even use copper), whereas biodynamic preparations are widely used, many of which are based on nettle. Due to the very low density of plants (about 4000 plants per hectare) and the very low yield (12hl / ha), only a few thousand bottles are produced per year."

Romain in the vineyard.

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