UnTapped Happy Hour feat. Cascade Brewing's Kevin Martin - Wrap-Up

"Time is a key ingredient in our beers" - Kevin Martin, Director of Brewing Operations at Cascade Brewing.

Cascade Brewing is one of the founding breweries in Oregon, and the "House of Sours" - well ahead of the trend!

From their website:

"Cascade Brewing was founded in 1998 by owner Art Larrance and brewmaster Ron Gansberg. Together, Art and Ron put their 40 years combined beer experience to work, designing and installing Cascade’s 10-barrel brewing system in Southwest Portland, then creating and distributing well-balanced traditional ales.

Sour beers came about by default. "

Can you imagine the beer drinkers of the late 90s reacting to sour beers? They were truly pioneers ahead of their time. Art is still involved at the brewery, and Ron has retired. 2 years ago, he passed the reigns on to Kevin Martin.

In our conversation, Cris and Kevin go over the founders' impact on Cascade & the brewing industry, the Oregon beer scene, the complexities in brewing beers to be aged 2+ years, and the importance of mentorship in business. Watch the full conversation here.

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