UnTapped Happy Hour feat. Rogue's President Dharma Tamm - Wrap-up

"We're either really lucky or really stubborn about innovation" - Dharma Tamm from Rogue Ales.

James Phelan, the Director of Sales at UnTapped hosted this past week's Happy Hour with the President of Rogue Ales, Dharma Tamm.

Rogue's brewing history, farm-to-table approach to beer, spirits, farming, barrel-making and, really, everything, has resulted in some really crazy beers ahead of their time. They released critically acclaimed 'bitter' golden ales in the late 80s (only 20 IBUs - that reflects on how much more we like bitter beers as a society these days), brewed beer from the yeast of the 30-year veteran brewmaster John Maier's beard, and most recently, launched CBD seltzers (available in Oregon only).

That kind of innovation happens over the course of Rogue Ales' 30+ years of existence with dedication to trying something new all the time.

Watch the full video and find out what else is on the burner at Rogue Ales!

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