UnTapped Happy Hour feat. Ale Apothecary's Paul Arney - Wrap-Up

Paul Arney has some fantastic stories - from starting a brewery in the middle of nowhere, to bringing brew culture way back to its historical roots and producing all-natural, expertly created beer that showcases the land it's made on.

“One thing that really MAKES a beer, it’s the way it smells” – Paul Arney, Founder of@thealeapothecary. We can’t agree more. Thanks for the fascinating (and hilarious) chat on our very first UnTapped Happy Hour! We hope all of you who tuned in laughed and enjoyed the beers as much as we did.

In case you missed it, here it is!

We’re proud to represent Ale Apothecary beers in Western Canada. You can taste Paul’s beers at these locations:

On Vancouver Island:@cascadialiquor @cookstliquor

In BCInterior@caskbarrel

Around Edmonton: @sherbrookeliquor@devinewinesyeg,Wine & Beyond Southgate - South Ed –@wineandbeyond, Liquor Select - West Ed

Calgary :@willowparkwines@marketwines.yyc







Our next Happy Hour on Instagram Live is JUNE 11th with @cascade.brewing

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From their website: "The Ale Apothecary creates totally natural, barrel-aged beer using ingredients off our land or sourced nearby, direct from Oregon farms.

Paul Arney started The Ale Apothecary in 2011 up in the woods outside of Bend, Oregon.  Inspired by the unnamed brewers of history, his goal was to tie the brewery to the land and create beer with a sense of place.  With the raw, soft water that comes out of the ground, with the wild airborne yeasts we share with the trees, we make hand-made beer without the fingerprint of industrialization, where time and our brewing process are as important as the barley malt and hops we source locally.  Our beer is 100% naturally carbonated, with Oregon honey or fruit juices.  We avoid the processing aids that are typically used in most contemporary breweries; relying instead on myth and legend combined with Time and Experimentation…the result is our own particular brand of magic."