UnTapped Happy Hour #5 - Glutenberg's Head Brewer, Gab C. & Frederic Thibault, VP Sales + Marketing

"I've always welcomed challenges and when the founders approached me about brewing gluten-free beer, that really sparked something in me" - Gabriel C., Head Brewer at Glutenberg

Gab is a lively, experimental guy undaunted by the fact that his job is to brew beer without a key ingredient - wheat.

He is careful not to divulge exactly how the magic & science result in to Glutenberg products, but it is fascinating to hear about the wins - and challenges - of brewing beer in a 100% gluten-free brewery.

"This thing is never going to work if I don't put my effort into this," he laughed while recounting the hilarity of seeing the founders doing their best to invent a gluten-free beer without brewing experience.

If you're exploring a healthy lifestyle or thriving on a celiac diet, there are lots of places for you to pick up a pack of Glutenberg in Western Canada! The complete list is here on our product finder page.

Watch the full chat with Gabriel here on our online event page.

As they say in Montreal, santé!