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Producer Profile by curator Siôn Iorwerth

“I “work” my soils only at the level of the vines without motorised machinery but with a grelinette so that this work is done with as little noise as possible in the vines. The aim is to leave the soil alone and let it express itself. This important manual work allows me to be in very regular contact with each vine stock. A way of being more and more in touch, in the presence of the living and with myself. In the hope that this approach will be beneficial for the vine and for me.” - Nicolas Pavie


Each of these wines are:
- Hand-picked in small crates
- 3 and a half weeks of maceration without intervention (infusion).
- Manual pressing
- Bottling, corking... by hand.
- Minimum use of pump
- Since 2015, use of SO2 limited to 10mg/L with sulphur free wines.
No added SO2 since 2018

Coming soon: Spring 2022

Please note: Samples are not available due to the very small quantity of wines shipping.

Products available:

  • 100% Grelinette

  • Ballade en Grelinette

  • D'Or et de Pierres

  • Impermanence

  • Enjoy the Silence

  • La Grelinette Cendree

  • La Grelinete Futee

  • No Judgment Day

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