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Location: Vancouver, BC

Founded in Vancouver by celebrated cocktail bartender & hospitality veteran, Nick Devine, Edna's cocktails are a line of sparkling, non-alcoholic cocktails delivering a sophisticated taste, with an old fashioned charm. Using classic cocktails as their inspiration, each recipe is carefully small-batch prepared with all natural juices, shrubs, extracts & oils to create structured, characterful adaptations of their alcoholic aliases. They're free from artificial flavours, additives & preservatives.

Edna’s mission is to quench the thirst of the fast growing "sober curious" sector and address the lack of more sophisticated drinks available to it. There’s a demand for better options and Edna’s has the answer. Put a little class into your glass!

Alcohol free. Gluten Free. Vegan Friendly.

Represented by UnTapped in: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba.

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