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Producer Profile by curator Siôn Iorwerth

It was drinking a bottle of Domaine la Bohème under the arches at 40 Maltby Street many moons ago that I pinpoint as my “Aha!” moment with wine. This was also the first time I’d ever been told by a sommelier that I had 30 minutes to drink the bottle before things fell apart - a trait in only the purest unsulphured wines, where the wine feels as if it’s almost galloping out of the bottle as it disappears quickly from glass to mouth. My friends and I tested this 30 minute countdown with several of Domaine la Bohème’s wines that evening - I was hooked thereafter on the Auvergne. 

Domaine la Bohème is equal parts Justine Loiseau and her partner Patrick Bouju. They are at the heart of the community of producers situated in the shadow of the Puy-de-Dome, a now extinct volcano in the mountainous Massif Central.


After a few devastating harvests due to frost and hail, and the increasing demand for their already small production, Justine and Patrick began making what they call their travelling wines. They started working with like-minded growers across France, purchasing fruit from Alsace to the Loire, and returning home to vinify in a range of vessels: think large Alsatian foudres, clay amphora and fibreglass tanks. 


As seems to be the way amongst the community of winemakers we work with, there is always a thread, weaving the story together. All of the labels for Justine and Patrick’s negociant wines are illustrated by Anna Hodgson, one of the three siblings responsible for 40 Maltby Street - quite possibly the best wine bar in the world.


We have imported 8 different cuvées, most of which are their negociant wines. The exception is ‘Sein Pour Sein,’ which is 100% Pinot Noir d’Auvergne from their own vines.

FALL 2021

Products available:

  • 2019 Festejar Rose

  • 2019 GM

  • 2019 R

  • 2020 M

  • 2020 J

  • 2020 Picpoul

  • 2019 Mol

  • 2018 Sein Pour Sein

Please note: Samples are not available due to the very small quantity of wines shipping.

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