Smackwater Jack

Brewed with Pilsner malt, raw and malted wheat, a touch of oats, and moderately hopped in the boil with a blend of Columbus, Centennial, and Calypso hops. Fermented in foedre with a blend of yeasts containing a traditional farmhouse saccharomyces strain and brettanomyces.
Smackwater Jack saw two separate additions of locally grown quince — a handful from Jeremy’s backyard in Dartmouth, about 35kg from his in-laws’ yard, and the remaining ~100kg sourced through a 2 Crows pal, Rob at Edible Earth Farm. Conditioned for 10 months in foedre, the yeast character evolved nicely and the quince truly shines. Bright, lemony, very slightly tart, with a lovely level of farmhouse funk/earthiness, and a slight pithy and apple character.


Foedre Aged Farmhouse Ale with Quince




2 Crows


Halifax, Nova Scotia



2 Crows Brewing Co is the brainchild of husband and wife duo Mark and Kelly Huizink, and brewer Jeremy Taylor. Named after an old nursery rhyme that starts 'one crow sorrow, two crows joy', 2 Crows opened in January of 2017 in downtown Halifax. They brew modern beers, with the utmost care and focus on quality above all else. Their aim is to get people thinking about craftmanship, where their beer is coming from, and the various characteristics that make beer great.

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