Motley Cru 2018: Black Raspberry

Motley Cru is Bellwoods’ anniversary barrel blend, released (fashionably late) each year to commemorate another lap around the sun. It represents a lot of planning, labour, patience and creativity – a final destination for some of our most prized barrels.The 2018 blend -- comprised of sours, brett beers, and wild alesthat were picked from both foudres and barrels -- is a particularlysignificant one because it happens to be the first MC to bebrewed, barrel aged, blended, and bottle conditioned entirelywithin their Hafis production facility. In this setting the barrelsslumber in peace, produce better beers, and house a sassycohort of bugs and yeast that are constantly working on becoming their best selves.In the 2018 blend they prioritized punchy acidity and brightfruitiness, nuanced brett characteristics, and complex wild yeastderived flavours. Bellwoods divided the beer unequally into 3 parts, before adding fruit to create variants.Black Raspberry Variant: The most fruit forward in the trio, pouring adeep, almost opaque burgundy, with berry-tinted head.Aromatics of raspberry, blue freezee, subtle smoke, andchocolate. Flavours of tart raspberry jam, soft herbal notes, andbold acidity. Very lively carbonation with a robust body.


Blend of Barrel-Aged Wild Ale Conditioned on Black Raspberries






Toronto, Ontario



Bellwoods began as a small brewery, and pub in downtown Toronto. They officially opened their doors to the public in April 2012 When it comes to their beers, these have evolved (and will continue to evolve) over time – and it makes sense, because they have travelled, collaborated, and learned a lot since they opened. Bellwoods makes a variety of bright, fresh, hoppy styles ranging from aromatic pale ales, to fruity Double IPAs. Their enthusiasm for Imperial Stouts is undeniable, and recreating their big releases each year like Bring Out Your Dead, Skeleton Key, or 3 Minutes to Midnight, is always a fun challenge. An additional area of focus is in the production of farmhouse and/or wild ales.

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